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SQL Server Master-Classes: If you want to deep-dive and not just learn best practices but rather understand the backgrounds to be able to decide when and why it’s possible to deviate from them, we recommend our SQL Server Master-Classes. Find out which modules we currently offer:
SQL Server Master-Class

Get ready for the next round of SQL Server Master-Classes:

A Master-Class on In-Memory Technologies in SQL Server is planned for the second half of 2017. Please contact us if you would like to be wait-listed.

In this blog entry by Andreas Wolter, you will learn more about background and concept of this seminar series, the first of its kind in Germany, and held by MCMs & MCTs: Blog: SQL Server Master-Class Seminars – To those who want to know it all – Start in May with Extended Events

We will be happy to set up individual trainings for you and take care of the entire organization.

Of course, our trainers also conduct the standardized official Microsoft (MOC) courses.

We offer all seminars in-house at your company -  anywhere in Europe, Singapore or in the United States. 

For an individual offer, please contact us at: info@SarpedonQualityLab.com.